Cryptocurrency 30 Days Course – Learn to Earn Program

This course helps beginners start earning from cryptocurrency trading. If you’ve never traded
before, getting started could be confusing and huge chances of loss. However, with help of our
qualified trainers, you could build a trading strategy that’s logical and works for you. To start on
your cryptocurrency income journey, you need to have some training to make it work. If you’ve
always wanted to learn to trade cryptocurrency but have no idea where to begin or previously
face losses then this course is for you.

➔ How to Start Cryptocurrency Account

1. What is Cryptocurrency
2. How to earn with cryptocurrency
3. What is Bitcoin and how does it work?
4. What is Binance exchange
5. How to register
6. Appy for verified account

➔ Overall Binance Exchange features

1. Main functions
2. How to deposit crypto to the wallet
3. Overall market
4. Introduction to altcoins
5. Stablecoins and how do they work?
6. Developing an investment strategy
7. Trading tools
8. Types of wallets
9. Account features

➔ How to deposit funds and withdraw profit using P2P

1. What is Binance P2P?
2. Buy crypto via Binance P2P (app/web).
3. Sell crypto on Binance P2P (app/web).
4. Transfer funds from other wallet to P2P wallets
5. What do we need to be concerned about when using P2P.

➔ How to trade on spot

1. Spot trade function, how to start trading
2. Different trading strategies
3. How to create orders
3.1 Create Order: Limit
3.2 Create Order: Market
3.3 Create Stop-Limit

➔ Risk Management

1. Understanding and managing risk in cryptocurrency investing
2. Introduction to market psychology
3. Common psychological mistakes in cryptocurrency trading
4. Strategies for managing emotions in trading
5. The impact of news on cryptocurrency prices
6. Technical analysis strategies using charting tools and indicators
7. Strategies for reducing risk exposure

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